Our Goals and Principles – Swimming is an asset for life!


to build a lifelong relationship with water


to provide solid swimming instruction in a fun and safe environment


to teach in small groups


to convey respect for the water and build confidence in aquatic skills


to listen to and understand the needs and concerns of parents and children


to maintain health and safety in water

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Group I: 2 – 9 Months, Group II: 9 – 18 Months

Our goal with Baby Swimming is to bring water closer to the smallest and get them used to the ‘Playground Water’. Not only the children should benefit from this course also the mums, dads and accompanied persons should take the most of it into their daily lives. Early contact with water is lots of fun. Development of motor skills as much as the mental and social development is a big bonus.

  • small groups
  • water familiarization
  • mobility, movement, buoyancy
  • fun games and gimmicks
  • early development of safety skills
  • building confidence in and around water


Accompanied by a trusted person (18 months – 3 years)

During this stage your children’s physical development  has increased significantly. Increased coordination means propulsive swimming skills start and are able to be more controlled in water. It is a great age for social and emotional changes and interaction with other children.

  • learning through fun and games
  • strict supervision
  • teaching independence in water
  • water safety and awareness


Non accompanied class (3 – 6 years)

Our Kids love repetition and routine in swimming. Lessons are designed to teach through fun and games to maintain the children’s interest. We will introduce a variety of games and races to help motivate and engage the kids as they learn to swim.

  • entering and exiting water
  • improving drive and propulsion
  • arm and leg movement
  • breathing
  • underwater submersion
  • jumping from blocks and the side of the pool, head first


We consider groups to be 8+ participants

Group lessons can be booked any time and will be structured for individual needs. We cater for larger groups, schools and Kindergartens.

  • solid swim instruction of highest quality
  • learning through fun and games
  • strict supervision
  • classes offered in english
  • awareness in and around water


All ages

A great way for all ages to workout in a fun and easy environment. Aquafit brings people together and keeps you fit. Suitable for swimmers and non swimmers.

  • fantastic for all ages and all levels
  • a great way to start exercising for beginners or injured persons
  • aqua fitness has limited stress on the body and has a low impact on the body, joints and muscles
  • movement similar to jogging and gymnastics but easier on the body
  • social and fun
  • great for pregnant women


From 6 – 99 years

Good technique is the foundation of good swimming. By improving your technique you will find swimming more enjoyable, you will swim more efficiently and gain greater fitness benefits.

  • improving your technique
  • correcting stroke techniques
  • specific coaching needs for both experienced and beginner swimmers
  • establishing a great sense of balance and position in water
  • improving swimming more efficiently


An aquatic environment provides an opportunity for persons with special needs to achieve a much greater range of movement than usual. It is a wonderful physical experience as well as having a powerful and positive psychological impact. We are motivated to work with all special needs and their carers. ‘WATER IS THERAPY’.

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Born and taught in Australia I am a qualified swim Instructor, lifesaver, and a passionate swimmer. Swimming has played a major role throughout my life, it keeps me fit and is loads of fun. I am very looking forward to share my love of water with you. Swimming is truly a gift for life!

Benjamin Herbert

When I was 6 years old I started swimming with the Schwimmklub Leutasch. Ever since that time I am enthusiastic with the element water in any form. Now I am a state certified swimming instructor and water for me is life, exercise and lots of fun.

Doris Norz

I am a passionate diver and fascinated by the underwater world, i have traveled to very many places. Now that i have a family i am lucky to be able to work in this fantastic element together with my best friend, my husband Ben. On top of that i am able to work with children which is my other great love. Live is beautiful 🙂

Christl Herbert

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